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Hear from some of our many UK based clients

Hear from some of our many UK based clients

Registered charity, Yorkshire

We have been working with Ad Hoc using their services for about six years. Prior to using their services, our properties were facing the risks of vandalism and illegal occupiers. Our insurance provider also had a requirement that we do monthly checks to our vacant buildings. Since using Ad Hoc, it has given us and the neighbours in the community peace of mind that the property is in respectable use and it has allowed us to reduce costs associated to vandalism. It shows that we are caring for our assets. I would recommend Ad Hoc to other property owners. They are a very professional organisation, responsive and provide great customer service.

Local authority, West Midlands

The team at Ad Hoc are very good. All of the staff have been excellent. We have built quite a good working relationship and we are in constant contact. Whenever there is an issue, it is always resolved very quickly. It is always good to have someone within a building and it is good to know you have a point of call to refer to to deal with any issues. It is like having another person who can assist me in the management of my sites.

Local authority, North West

During the 4 years that I have worked with Ad Hoc, I have always found a willing partner in securing our property. I can always rely on the Ad Hoc team to keep me informed on any issues relating to the security of our buildings and they always return calls and respond promptly with access requests. When legislation changes, we always have a constructive discussion on how to satisfy it. We have looked at all types of scenarios and sometimes the solution may not be guardian deployment, but Ad Hoc still provide their advice and expertise. They liaise with emergency services who will always prioritise their attendance in an occupied building. In summary, if a building is to be held for further use or until disposal, my first consideration would be guardian deployment via Ad Hoc.

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