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Find somewhere affordable to live in the UK

Find somewhere affordable to live in the UK

Are you looking for somewhere affordable to live? By becoming a property guardian you can live in some very central locations and save money.

How it works

Guardianship combines cheap and flexible accommodation with ensuring that vacant properties are protected and put back into use. As an Ad Hoc Guardian you have a room for a great price, often in fantastic accommodation. In return, you secure the property for the owner – simply by living there. Being a Guardian differs from a tenancy, and the rights and responsibilities are very different. The main difference is that we operate under a licence agreement which both Ad Hoc and you can terminate with only 28 days’ notice. Although we can’t offer you a guarantee, Ad Hoc will always try to find another room for you in one of its many properties.

Property guardian testimonial

Live the Ad Hoc way

I immediately fell in love with guardianship! Great monthly fees and big spaces with lots of freedom to personalise. I personally find each property a real inspiration to be in, using the concept of a space which has often been used for commercial purposes and transforming it into a vibrant and personal home.

Property Guardian

Rosa, 23 years

Member of PGPA

As one of the founding members of the Property Guardian Providers Association we are dedicated to improving standards within the industry. Why choose a PGPA member? Ad Hoc's own property inspectors check every building to ensure that it meets government health & safety regulations before any guardian moves in. Your deposit is kept safe in an independent redress scheme that non-members cannot offer.


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Are you looking fo an affordable place to live? Why not become a propety guardian? Ad Hoc offers housing all over the UK!
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Property Guardian

Profile of a Property Guardian

Profile of a Property Guardian

Ad Hoc is looking for property guardians who are:   
  • Aged 18 and older
  • Without dependents
  • Without pets
  • Employed
  • Responsible
  • Flexible
  • Ready to move at short notice

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