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Meet our Property Guardians

Meet our Property Guardians

Want to know more about Guardianship? Meet some of our Guardians and hear what they think about being an Ad Hoc Guardian!

Meet our Ad Hoc Guardians


Cash saver – David is able to invest money in his own business as an Ad Hoc Guardian.


Hi-tech academic – Peter lives close to the university where he works as a Robotics Engineer.


Base camp – Rebecca has all the flexibility she needs to travel across Europe as an Ad Hoc Guardian.


Designer living – Industrial Designer has space to live and work in stately home.


High flying – As an Ad Hoc Guardian, Jose is able to pursue his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.


Home start – A&E nurse Naomi has been able to buy her first home by saving money as an Ad Hoc Guardian.

Property guardian testimonial

In just 4 years as a Property Guardian, I was able to save enough money for a deposit on my first home in London.

Guardianship really is great! I have met some amazing people along the way, many of whom I am still in contact with now. Guardianship has been a real eye-opener when I compare my experience of living in some of the beautiful places that I have with Ad Hoc, to those that are rented privately.

Property Guardian

Poppy, 29 years


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