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2019 Property Guardian Providers Association Review

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2019 Property Guardian Providers Association Review


The PGPA, an association that Ad Hoc are proud to be part of, have released their 2019 year in review. .

London, 19 December


Demand for affordable accommodation highest ever

Property guardianship makes good use of temporarily vacant buildings, offering affordable accommodation for people at a lower cost than private rentals, whilst keeping properties secure.

Empty buildings are at significantly greater risk than occupied properties, from vandalism, arson (200 fires are deliberately started daily in the UK), fly-tipping (over one million instances annually), and squatting, as well as the impact of weather and general neglect.

By occupying them, property guardians greatly reduce both the risks to the buildings, and, consequently, also cutting the costs to local authorities and owners of security, or dealing with the aftermath of vandalism or neglect. The surrounding environment benefits from having less eyesores in the area, and the community benefits from the economic input from guardians living in a building that would otherwise stand empty.

In addition, approximately a third of property guardians are key workers, (teachers, nurses, doctors, police and emergency services workers), who choose to be property guardians so that they can live nearer their work.

Almost all guardians choose the lifestyle so that they can save on their accommodation costs – many do so as the only means to be able to save the deposit to buy their own property.

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