Oval scores commercial opportunity



The poorest and most vulnerable members of society were condemned to live in the worst housing. The drama “Cathy Come Home” shown on the BBC in November 1966 – a year before The Hyde Group was founded as a provider of affordable housing and community support – dramatically highlighted this social injustice. Fast forward to February 2013, Ad Hoc Property Management took over management of the Hyde Group’s former community centre in Oval, London.


A community space at The Oval, Kennington provided a large venue to protect with the relocation of Hyde Group facilities.


Ad Hoc identified Apart Arts – an independent publishing house promoting creative writing – as a potential commercial Guardian. The not-for-profit organisation was quickly and efficiently installed into the building. Apart Arts immediately took over the rates payment saving the Hyde Group £6091 per annum. As with all of the companies installed into properties by Ad Hoc, Apart Arts had been carefully interviewed and checked before being allowed to occupy the building. By installing Commercial Guardians into the building, Ad Hoc secures it against squatting, vandalism and anti-social behaviour and puts the building into use.

“The service removes Hyde’s obligation to pay rates (resulting in a significant annual saving) whilst providing a hassle-free and reliable way of ensuring the properties do not attract squatters or fall into disrepair.  The level of professionalism shown by Ad Hoc staff is fantastic and the service provided is currently the best on offer in the UK.”
Stuart Spence, Commercial Lets Advisor

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