Taking control over a remote site



The Partnership provide mental health, learning disability and substance misuse services as well as other specialist services to 1.7 million people across Kent and Medway and is responsible for a disparate estate of properties of varying sizes. It was announced that a number of Administrative and Medical buildings would be wound down and departments transferred to other buildings.


Ad Hoc was tasked to protect one of the buildings: Southlands Unit, Sittingbourne,Kent.

Essentially the building and the external grounds were in very good condition at the time. The isolated rural location made the property a potential prime candidate for asset stripping and vandalism. Additionally the remote location meant that the property was potentially difficult to attract Guardians.


Following an audit and financial modelling, and after installation of extra showers an additional kitchenette and other simple enhancements, Ad Hoc was able to double the Guardian occupancy to 10 individuals.

Anti-social behaviour ceased, helped by the fact that the building was obviously in use, and that the grounds were maintained by the client with early fly tipping quickly removed. Without protective measures provided by Ad Hoc it is likely that the building would have been broken into and assets stripped or possibly blighted by squatters. Local workforce guardians from all walks of life occupy the building, and were attracted to it due to low license fee, large rooms and in the knowledge they would be in situ for about a year.

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