Residential Guardians

Guardianship combines cheap and flexible accommodation with property security. Guardians get a room in a property for a great price. Many professionals, key workers and mature/postgraduate students across the UK choose to be a guardian as a new affordable alternative to renting.

Motivations can be as diverse as saving money for a new property, needing a flexible living arrangement for travel plans or career purposes, wanting more space for equipment such as bikes, or wishing to live in a thriving community.

Guardians work in a number of professions such as engineers, actors, nurses, pilots and designers.

They enjoy the flexible arrangements, the high quality properties, and the savings they make on rent.

Benefits for property owners

  • peace of mind
  • keeps property safe and secure from the threat of squatters, thieves, asset strippers and criminal damage
  • cost savings on leaving the property empty
  • ensures any maintenance or other issues are quickly identified and resolved
  • helps the community by providing affordable accommodation for
    professionals and key workers

Benefits for guardians

  • Choice of property and location to suit you
  • Live in places they could not normally afford
  • Low cost rooms – from just £35 per week including bills
  • Meet new people from similar backgrounds, all approved by Ad Hoc
  • Flexible short-term contracts – they can leave by giving just 2 weeks’



Download the Residential Guardian fact sheet here.