Wireless Smart Alarms

Our wireless alarm product can be installed and active in just one day, after which your property will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year with a manned response when necessary.

We offer total flexibility with no fixed term contract, and can provide day rates or monthly rates according to your needs.

Our alarms can detect motion, a threshold breach, smoke and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for properties vacant during winter.
They have flexible access options and, for example, can be programmed to switch off and on at specific times each day, or be controlled remotely, suitable for building sites or properties where access is needed at short notice by a third party.
The alarms can be fitted without causing any structure damage, perfect for protected or listed buildings.

Ad Hoc smart alarms are suitable for :

  • Clients who have buildings in hard to fill areas
  • Clients who have buildings that require security from the moment the property is under our control but we’re not in a position to move Guardians in (H&S requirements, etc).
  • Clients who have buildings that have been decanted and either handed back or about to be handed back but the property remains exposed to risk prior to sale, decommissioning, etc
  • Developers who are building a new building(s) that need the existing structure secure at night time.
  • Clients who have large buildings that only parts of them are suitable for Guardians with the rest needing to be locked off and secured (hospitals, etc).


Download the Alarms fact sheet here