Ad Hoc launches new interactive website:

Ad Hoc Property Services – the innovative service matching unused properties with individuals seeking low cost accommodation – has launched a brand new website bristling with new functionality and offering dedicated portals for property owners and home seekers.

newsThe new website – which features video case studies – offers a new experience for the two crucial elements of the novel market offering – the property owner and the Guardian – according to Simon Finneran, MD of Ad Hoc Property Services. “With spiralling costs many people find it difficult to get on the property ladder. Ad Hoc is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of the service that matches property owners with unused space to employed individuals who relish the opportunity to pay a nominal monthly licence payment for sometimes phenomenal living spaces in the centre of cities or on country estates. “

Ad Hoc revamped its UK website to closer meet the needs of the increasing number of web enquiries and to provide a simple and easy to understand guide of how the process works from when a property owner decides that a property will become vacant through to recruiting responsible individuals known as Ad Hoc Property Guardians, who will become live-in custodians of the building.

The launch of in March will be used by Ad Hoc as a springboard for a number of new initiatives including an integrated social media programme aimed at a number of stakeholders, including potential and existing Guardians.


About Ad Hoc Property Management:

There are thousands of empty properties in the UK, including flats, houses, churches, libraries and offices. Many are in places where it’s usually very expensive to live, such as town centres and beautiful countryside. They may be empty for many reasons – waiting to be sold, or for planning permission, or while the owners are overseas.  Ad Hoc puts these buildings back into use, helping both the property owner and people looking for low cost accommodation. You get a great place to live and provide a service to the community simply by living there, which keeps the building alive and cared for.