Living the Ad Hoc way

Guardianship combines cheap and flexible accommodation with ensuring that vacant properties are protected and put back into use. As an Ad Hoc Guardian you have a room in a property for a great price. In return, simply by living there, you secure the property for the owner. If any problems arise, you report them to Ad Hoc, and we ensure they’re sorted out promptly. So you benefit from flexible, low cost housing and the property owner knows the property is lived and cared for.

Being a Guardian differs from a tenancy and the rights and responsibilities are different.  We’ll explain this to you in detail at a face-to-face induction before you move into a property. The main difference is that we operate under a licence agreement which we can terminate with only 28 days’ notice (you can also terminate it with 28 days’ notice). We guarantee to treat all our Guardians with courtesy, fairness and respect.

There are also some simple house rules which we require you to live by which we run you through at the induction. They are documented in the Guardian Handbook, which we give you before you move in.  Once you have lived with Ad Hoc as a reliable and trustworthy Guardian, we’ll do our utmost to find you new low cost accommodation when your contract ends.

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