How it works

There are thousands of empty properties in the UK, including flats, houses, churches, libraries and offices. Many are in places where it’s usually very expensive to live, such as town centres and beautiful countryside. They may be empty for many reasons – waiting to be sold, or for planning permission, or while the owners are overseas.  Ad Hoc puts these buildings back into use, helping both the property owner and people looking for low cost accommodation. You get a great place to live and the local community benefit from you simply living there because a building that would be vacant is now alive and cared for.

Contract lengths vary, depending on the property. When your contract comes to an end, we will try our best to find you new accommodation.

We offer:

  • Choice of property and location to suit you
  • Live in places perhaps you could not normally afford
  • Low cost rooms – from just £160 per month including bills
  • Meet new people from similar backgrounds, all approved by Ad Hoc
  • Flexible short-term contracts – you can leave by giving just 28 days’ notice
  • UK-wide locations
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