Coworking and Pop Up Shops are becoming very popular, and Ad Hoc Property can give a wide selection of empty property to be used as workplace for any business.

Nowadays more and more people work as self-employed or freelancers and they need a quiet site for working, and becoming a Property Guardian for one of Ad Hoc’s properties can give them the opportunity they were looking for. They’re usually disused buildings like clinics, offices, schools, part of larger industrial estates or manors, that are temporarily empty. Owners are searching for Guardians to discourage thieves, vandals and homeless people, protecting their properties and recovering up to 80% of their rates.

These spaces can be used in a lot of different ways from their occupants, as workplace, home, or even both. Besides, they can save a lot of money choosing this housing solution, founding spaces in the major cities, where rent has increased more than 3% every year in the last period. Some of them just need a workplace in central areas, where they can meet clients and display their products, others are searching for temporarily space to work on a project, with a lot of space for their equipment, like photographers. Some self-employed gather in groups for work together and use these properties for a while.

In last years Pop Up workspaces and shops has become quite popular, with a lot of people with their own business opening one for testing and getting some first-hand feedback from consumers about their products. Many small companies that sell online adopt this solution to spread their business and to attract new customers. Moreover this temporary solution suits perfectly with the flexibility that this people need, thanks to 28 day notice period for leaving an Ad Hoc’s property.

Pop Up shops are also common in seasonal business, where they need a workplace just for few months, displaying and selling their products, like Christmas shops or stores in touristic places and holiday resorts.

So Ad Hoc Property can give all these people an opportunity to create their Pop Up Workplace, without being stuck in long rents and giving the possibility to move in other properties all around the country. Furthermore you can save a lot of money being a Property Guardian, with the chance to work in unique and peculiar sites in central areas or in the middle of the countryside.