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Calderdale scheme for empty buildings could be used in Kirklees

A scheme that helps empty properties stay in use that has been pioneered in Calderdale could be adopted by neighbouring Kirklees Council. The concept of live-in guardianship – different to traditional renting – sees guardians given a license, not a lease, to occupy a property and are legally entitled to occupy the premises on a temporary basis as licensees, not tenants.

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Could live-in guardians safeguard empty buildings in Huddersfield?

Property owners including Kirklees Council are being encouraged to embrace live-in ‘guardians’ as a way of protecting and maintaining empty properties across the borough.

The scheme, which is already up and running in Calderdale, could focus on large sites such as the former Oakes School in Lindley , latterly a nursing home, which has stood empty for several years.

“Vacant properties need protecting”: A look at Newton House in Bristol

There are roughly 6,000 properties sitting vacant in Bristol whilst thousands more people are waiting for affordable places to live. Whilst local councils are scrambling to find solutions to the housing crisis, there’s one solution that is not being utilised enough; one that can save public sector organisations money, including the police, whilst helping to provide affordable accommodation and improving community safety.

Newton House, a former residential care home, is situated in Bristol and was previously under the ownership of South Gloucestershire Council.

Meet the woman who LIVES in a 14th century monastery in Coventry

Stella Yates is a guardian for property management company Ad Hoc at Coventry’s historic Charterhouse

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live in a 14th century monastery that is, to all intents and purposes, empty?

Would it spook you out or would you be totally at ease walking in the footsteps of monks who lived there more than 600 years ago?


Revealed: How many council homes are empty in your area

More than 800 social housing properties across the Black Country are empty as hundreds of families struggle to find a new home, new figures show today.

Dudley Council has 387 vacant out of 21,950 homes, while Wolverhampton Homes has 168 vacant out of 22,131.

Sandwell Council has 169 empty out of 27,723 homes and Whg, which owns and manages social housing in Walsall, has 90 out of 21,000 homes vacant.

Across the Black Country, 12,747 properties, including privately-owned homes, are empty, with 4,008 vacant for more than six months.–star-study-reveals-numbers/


Pells Primary School property guardians: ‘We are not squatters, we are here to help’

Pells Primary School in Lewes, which closed in July last year, has since been rented out to people known as “property guardians” at a reduced rate to keep the property in working condition.

However, when speaking to The Argus, property guardian and previous hotel worker Eden Griffith, 21, explained how the property has had windows smashed and glass bottles thrown onto the school site late at night.

Those that live there have also been accused of being “squatters” from passers-by despite paying a monthly rental fee.

Why it can pay to become a property guardian

Becoming a property guardian could help you save for a home or supplement your pension. Sharon Dale reports. Saving to buy your own home isn’t easy when you’re part of that growing demographic known as Generation Rent. A large chunk of your income goes to your landlord and when you’ve settled your energy bills and forked out for council tax, there’s very little disposable income left.

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Would you live in a banqueting hall or an office block? Property guardians of all ages are living at reduced rates in unusual locations

By Ginetta Vedrickas For The Daily Mail

Property guardians are traditionally young people who are keen to live somewhere cheap.

Having originated in the Netherlands — where it was designed to stop squatters taking over large commercial buildings — guardianship came to the UK in 2002.

Today developers, local authorities and even homeowners use live-in guardians to protect their empty buildings. There are now 7,000 guardians across London.