Spacious rooms to let

Spacious rooms to let are often difficult to find when you are trying to save up money or searching for cheap accommodation, but thanks to Ad Hoc you can easily find large rooms for less the amount of money you would need when looking at other sites and properties.

This is the reason why becoming a live-in property guardian is the right choice for you!

What are the advantages of becoming a live-in guardian?

Ad Hoc Property Management helps you find a spacious room to rent for a short or long term let (depending on you and the owner of the property you will live in) with only 28 days notice, from both you and the owner, to leave the property; this is the best option when you need to save up money or need an accommodation near your work place.

Through Ad Hoc you also have the guarantee of being safe at all times and always having good house conditions; in addition, becoming a live-in guardian is great to make friends and get to know different countries and cultures whilst still having your own big personal space.

Ad Hoc provides you a large selections of properties to meet your expectations and needs as well as assuring you cheap prices all the time.

Thanks to this, you can easily find spacious rooms to let also near the city center by paying a less amount of money, per week or month, of what you would usually spend when contacting an estate agent.

So if you are seasonal workers, graduate, interns or staycation tourists you can definitely benefit of Ad Hoc Property Management to find your perfect low-cost spacious rooms to let.

Becoming a live-in guardian is a one-time opportunity to spice up your life while helping property owners to avoid vandals and gain more protection for their buildings.

So if you think you are creative and ready for a change, Ad Hoc is ready to provide you UK’s best spacious rooms to let.

House sitting

What is house sitting?This is a practice that consists in entrust houses, possessions or pets for a period of time to house sitters.

This procedure is very comfortable because, if you are far from home, you can be quiet and you can also leave your pets with someone, if you can’t bring it with you.  The house sitters must follow the rules of homeowner, be kind and available to do everything that the proprietor can ask to them. The homeowner must be honest and say everything these is to know. In this way everyone can be happy of this experience and the house sit cant’t go wrong. Sometimes this happen because the house sitters have too much big and unrealistic expectations. For example someone thinks that can leave house without a date and can adding people or pets at will. Very often this practice is totally free for the house sitter, but also for the homeowner. However is the owner that decide what to do. Some people offer money other instead ask that the electricity, phone usage and extra expanse are payed by house sitter.

There are many advantages to do this activity: you can bring with you your family, if the owner want, before you have to ask, particularly if you have children. Anyway many people are very happy to have an other family in their house. You can also brig with you your pets, you have to demand before, too. Usually there aren’t problems if there is enough space and you follow the rules.

To become an house sitter you must register for the very little price of £20 for twelve months.

A look at how Ad Hoc can protect your void property

Ad Hoc Property offer a suite of services designed to protect all types of void property. Whether that is empty land which is prone to fly tipping, or various types of buildings which need protection from squatting, asset theft or vandalism.

This infographic shows the range of services and the different scenarios that each can be employed to protect.

The main building is best suited to being occupied by live in guardians. The outer edges of the grounds and out of site areas can be protected with CCTV towers and small structures such as power plants or storage areas can be protected with wireless smart alarms. During the initial phase of the project, before residential guardians are set up in residence, traditional security guards can protect the area.

During the project, the building is maintained and the grounds can also be maintained.

At the end of the project the property is handed back to the owners, ready for it’s handover to new owners after a sale or it’s new use.

When to use Live in Guardians

To decide when circumstances dictate that live in guardians provide the best solution, just take a few seconds to think about the risk of an empty building: vandalism, squatters, graffiti and other criminal activities. The owner has to deal with these kind of problems, including high rates for an empty property.

The solution is people called “Live in Guardians”, who use your building taking care of it, keeping the property clean and tidy and detecting various problems inside (clogged pipes, floods, blown light bulbs… everything through regular use). In this way, your office, your house, your building will remain in use.


Who are the guardians? What is the benefit for them?

They are key workers, artists, independent and freelance workers… people who are looking for good locations, saving money and an exciting and social alternative to live, and in return, they protect and preserve the properties: win-win situation for all sides. Imagine someone who has just entered the world of work, and are keen to save and not to spend money on a rent or buying their own house yet.

The guardians profit from low cost accommodation, and not only the buildings are available for living, but also to work; the buildings can be, offices, mansions, hospital, cafes… all of them equipped with kitchens, cooking facilities and bathrooms. For security reasons, the live in guardians profiles will be examined (no criminal records etc.), character is important and being in employment; ending the selection process with an interview.

This is not a lease; the guardian is a licensee. Each of the partie can break the agreement, but always with 28 days notice, this is one of the characteristics to differentiate a tenant from licensee. Another feature is the low cost and the non-exclusive occupation.

With this technique, assets will be safe and will maintain their value. live in guardians benefit from low cost accommodation and the property owner from ongoing maintenance.

Who are Property Guardians

Who are Property Guardians and how do they protect empty property

A lot of people have empty properties which are unprotected and on top of this the owners must still pay rates.

The solution for both questions is  “property guardians”. But, who are they?

They are people who live in otherwise empty property paying less money than renting. Consequently, both the guardian and the owner benefit.

Everybody knows that a vacant house or commercial building runs the risk of being robbed, graffitied or illegally occupied.

Property guardians put and end to the issues above, giving building owners peace of mind, saving on empty property rates and retaining the value of the property and others in the surrounding district.

This is not a lease, so property guardians aren’t bound by tenancy rights. This new alternative to renting is used by key workers, professionals, mature students… and not only to live, but also for work, in all types of properties.

Property guardians can take advantage of cheaper living cost and the greatest locations all over the UK. Their only duties are keeping an eye on the house, clean it and if there was a problem, they would have to inform us and we will arrange to fix issues of maintenance as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the owner could be concerned about the guardians, but Ad Hoc has strict criteria to choose them, they will be fully vetted providing documents and fulfilling requirements like having residence permits, savings or incomes, no pets,  no police record, employed, responsible and flexible adults, no dependents etc. If for any reason the owner want to use the building again, the agreement could be broken with 28 days notice, and vice-versa, in both cases.

Property Guardians provide a sustainable solution to otherwise empty buildings, which benefits the building owners as well as the Guardians.

Secure vacant sites with mobile CCTV Towers

The Ad Hoc Smartcam Tower is a practical temporary CCTV Tower System that protects vacant and un-occupied properties and sites from trespassers allowing you to monytor the remotley.

These cameras ensure nobody will intrude on lands or property without your knowledge. Our job is to guard your assests, or maybe for temporary events, constructions sites, caravan parks and storage areas.


The cutting-edge technology we expend is the same as the US Defence Centre, the Pentagon uses. With a 360-degree view, our camera is available to be placed in inaccessible locations quickly thanks it’s rapid deployment. It offers unrestricted view  monitoring 24/7 including a 36x optical zoom magnifying distances of up to 150 yards and it has a 12x digital zoom as well. So it includes the opportunity to record footage at night thanks bright green light sensor.


Vulnerable sites could be protected dusk till dawn reducing security costs, this is  why the Smart camera security tower is economical. The wireless communication technology that Cyclops utilises, eliminate any infrastructure or ground work requirements.

Having said all of this, the installation is an easy process needing just to be manually lifted, so it provides flexibility in enabling our security engineers to relocate the device around a site where necessary. In this way, our CCTV could be located in the most remote places.


For more info on our Cyclops CCTV Camera towers please click here.

Additional Services

Additional services avaiable from Ad Hoc

  • Gas Certs
  • Electric Certs
  • Property Clearance
  • Fire Alarm Tests
  • Emergency Lighting Test
  • Flush Regime
  • General maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Refuse Collection


Prices on request.

Calderdale scheme for empty buildings could be used in Kirklees

A scheme that helps empty properties stay in use that has been pioneered in Calderdale could be adopted by neighbouring Kirklees Council. The concept of live-in guardianship – different to traditional renting – sees guardians given a license, not a lease, to occupy a property and are legally entitled to occupy the premises on a temporary basis as licensees, not tenants.

Read more at:

Could live-in guardians safeguard empty buildings in Huddersfield?

Property owners including Kirklees Council are being encouraged to embrace live-in ‘guardians’ as a way of protecting and maintaining empty properties across the borough.

The scheme, which is already up and running in Calderdale, could focus on large sites such as the former Oakes School in Lindley , latterly a nursing home, which has stood empty for several years.

“Vacant properties need protecting”: A look at Newton House in Bristol

There are roughly 6,000 properties sitting vacant in Bristol whilst thousands more people are waiting for affordable places to live. Whilst local councils are scrambling to find solutions to the housing crisis, there’s one solution that is not being utilised enough; one that can save public sector organisations money, including the police, whilst helping to provide affordable accommodation and improving community safety.

Newton House, a former residential care home, is situated in Bristol and was previously under the ownership of South Gloucestershire Council.