Who are our residential property guardians?

Who are our residential property guardians?

All our residential guardians are fully vetted by an external referencing agency. They include key workers, working professionals and mature students, with an average age of 25 to 35. We have agreed house rules in place which outline
that residential guardians are not permitted to have dependents or pets in any property that we manage.

Ad Hoc brings affordable solution to housing crisis in Shropshire

Ad Hoc Property Management is providing the Shropshire community with an affordable solution to the housing crisis as residents continue to battle with ever rising costs. Property guardianship, which Ad Hoc calls “The Property Occupation Model”, is the placing of occupants into vacant properties where they can live affordably until they find a more permanent solution.


“The regeneration of vacant buildings into affordable housing is not just a positive solution to the housing crisis and to communities but it is a winning solution for all parties involved,” said Darren Tubb, Area Manager for Shropshire. “For those in need of affordable housing, it allows them to live somewhere that costs roughly 60 per cent of the market value, and for vacant property owners, it enables them to cost-effectively maintain their property until they decide what to do with it.”


Shropshire’s housing market is one that is not in favour of young, first-time home buyers. Since 1990, the number of buyers between the ages of 25-29 has fallen by more than 50 per cent. Currently, only 31 per cent of people between these ages are able to buy their first home and of those, 34 per cent need financial help from their family while one in ten rely on an inheritance.


During the most recent election, many candidates targeted the problem of unaffordable housing across the UK and ultimately devised a plan to build more homes in various areas. In Telford, the council had come to a consensus to build roughly 15,555 new homes but soon changed that to 17,280 after projecting a larger population growth in the coming seven years.


Darren continues: “With demand outweighing supply and wage growth coming to a halt, the younger generation will have to wait twice as long as their parents did to get into the housing market. By utilising vacant properties as affordable accommodation, it can ease the burden on social housing waiting lists as well as enable local workers to find somewhere to live cost-effectively in their local areas.”


This time in 2016, 1,615 homes were considered vacant in the Shropshire area. While vacancies happen for a number of reasons, the result of them remains the same. Squatters and vandals flock to these areas, buildings become dilapidated and a fire risk and communities begin to appear run down. Ad Hoc’s property Occupation Model is the ideal solution, with the added benefit of housing people in need of a cost-effective place to live.


For more information about Ad Hoc’s Property Occupation Model and security systems, please contact 0121 773 8116

We want to hear from you

To all our Guardians,

As you know, we are constantly reviewing our products and services to make sure that what we provide is everything you should expect from a leading property guardian organisation. This is part of a wider campaign we are leading the charge on to raise the standards within our industry, which is what we have always looked to do and is the reason why we created our ‘Respect for Guardians’ Charter last year. A statement of intent, the Charter is our promise to you. Open and honest at all times, we are committed to a win/win relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect from all parties.

With this at the heart of everything we do, we have taken the decision to partner with an external survey company to pull together our most comprehensive questionnaire to date that will review every part of the service we provide, to be distributed to all of you in mid-September. This is where we need your help, as we would like everyone to fill it in as comprehensively as possible. We are interested in hearing about what you think works well, what doesn’t work well, where we can and should make improvements, what our service levels are like and what you would like to see from us in the future.

Based on your responses, we will then analyse the results from which a strategy will be developed including the core actions we need to take over the next 12 months. On completion, a summary will be provided in our end of year newsletter for you to see our plans.

On a final note from me, I wish you all a cracking summer and I look forward to hearing from you in September.

With best regards,

Simon Finneran

Managing Director

Regional Property Focus – July

Are you looking to move, or are you simply in need of a change of scenery? We have a variety of properties available across the UK, including the following:


Large rooms and flats available in this High Barnet property, from just £450pcm. Bills not included.

Spacious 2 bed flats available in High Barnet only 8 minutes away from High Barnet station. Perfect for two friends; only £425pcm per person and only electricity bill to be paid on top.

Large rooms in a quirky property available in Colindale, only 8-10 minutes’ walk from Colindale station. Prices start from £600pcm all bills included.

Multiple 1 and 2 bed flats available only 6-8 minutes away from Colindale station. Prices start from £400pcm per person for a shared flat, and £600pcm for a 1 bed flat. Only electricity bill to be paid on top.

2 double rooms available in a large quirky property in High Barnet. Prices start from £500pcm, all bills included. Bus stop outside the property for easy connection to Finchley, Barnet and Edgware.

1 small and large self-contained flats available in Brent Cross. Brent Cross shopping centre only 1 bus stop away or a 10-minute walk; Brent Cross Underground is in walking distance. £650-750pcm, all bills to be paid on top.

Large room available in a detached Cottage with beautiful scenery outside in Carshalton Sutton, only £450pcm, all bills included.


16 spacious rooms available in this well-presented former care home in Leicester. From just £220pcm with all bills included, this property has excellent transport links into the city centre.

3 rooms available in this former sheltered accommodation in Perry Barr for just £230pcm with all bills included.

Entire property consisting of 7 rooms available in former sheltered housing in Perry Barr, for just £230pcm, all bills included.

5 large rooms are available in this lovely former day centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme for just £230pcm, all bills included.

This 2-bedroom, self-contained, semi-detached property is available for just £330pcm, all bills on top. Comprises 2 spacious double bedrooms, 1 reception room, kitchen diner, bathroom and a driveway. Close to transport links and local amenities.

South West

Large double rooms available in this former day hospital in Coleford, Gloucestershire. From just £270pcm including all bills, this property features excellent shared facilities throughout, as well as plentiful off-street parking and a stunning courtyard.


3 spacious rooms available in Guardian House, Middlesbrough, for just £150pcm including all bills. This property is great for commuters- just ten minutes from the town centre and a stone’s throw away from the A19.

1 room available in Craigavon House, an idyllic bungalow in Sunderland, for just £200pcm with all bills included. This property is beautifully decorated, featuring built-in storage, an open-plan lounge area and plenty of parking.

Rooms available in St Andrew’s vicarage, Ashington, for only £185pcm including council tax. This property boasts great shared facilities including an added utility area, a large garden, fitted storage and has been recently redecorated. Excellent transport links to Newcastle.

6 rooms available in this former vicarage in Halewood, Liverpool. Rooms range from £180pcm-£250pcm.

Peterborough and East of England

1 large double room available in this spacious shared property in Acle. In a peaceful, rural area with great local amenities, this property is just £225pcm, all bills included.

4 double rooms in a spacious detached house in Northampton available, from £250pcm including all bills. Includes parking and is close to local amenities.

3 spacious double bedrooms within house in the centre of Great Yarmouth with large lounge, bathroom, kitchen and ample parking. £395pcm including all bills. Within walking distance of both the town centre and seafront.


19 spacious rooms available in this beautiful property in Halifax. Great for large groups of friends, this property boasts large gardens, plenty of parking and excellent shared facilities. Both furnished and unfurnished rooms available from £195pcm.

How to secure property with smart camera towers

Ad Hoc Smartcam Security Towers

Welcome to the Ad Hoc Smartcam Tower, Smart Camera Towers, a security solution for empty or temporarily vacant sites and properties.
As specialists in securing vacant property and land our goal is to ensure that every site, be it vacant or occupied is fully protected from the threat of burglary, theft, vandalism and squatters.

About Ad Hoc Smart Camera Security Towers
The Ad Hoc Smartcam Tower is a digital property security management system that uses state of the art SMART technology, the same technology that is in operation in monitoring the US Defence Centre, The Pentagon.
The system boasts a 360 degree camera that can be programmed to move zones at set intervals to ensure the site is fully monitored 24/7. It provides a 36 x optical zoom which magnifies distances of up to 150 yards and it also has a 12 x digital zoom that digitally enhances the optical image.

A cost effective solution
Smart Camera Towers utilise wireless communication technology which means you can filter large objects like motor vehicles with smaller objects like people or animals and in doing so
ensure that an alarm is only triggered when there is a clear threat. The system records continuously 24/7 and is remotely monitored to ensure total protection.

The tower installation process provides flexibility in enabling our security engineers to relocate the device around a site where necessary.
The wireless communication technology that Cyclops utilises, eliminates any ground work or infrastructure requirements. Fully visible to deter intruders and boasting a
‘dusk till dawn’ bright green light sensor, Cyclops is a far more cost effective security option compared to alternative forms of security.
With Cyclops you have a 24-hour “state of the art security system” which along with the other range of solutions that Ad Hoc provide will ensure your asset remains fully secure.

Applications for the system
• Vacant Property
• Vacant land
• Construction Sites
• Storage area
• Events
• Caravan Parks


For more info on Smart Camera Towers please click here









Securing vacant property with a wireless smart alarm

Vacant property background

A former public house in Reading became vacant following the purchase of the site by an investor. The property is located in a residential area where a number of factors including an active underpass meant the property was vulnerable to both vandalism
and asset stripping.


Investment Management Company, Stonelink, are managing the site and were due to sign a lease agreement. The smart alarm system was proposed to ensure that their clients asset was fully protected during the negotiation and void period. Due to previous issues whilst in operation as a public house, the security solution was required to be installed as quickly as possible, in order to deter known thieves and those with the intention of causing damage and asset stripping the property.

Wireless Smart Alarm solution

Ad Hoc’s smart alarm system was selected as the most appropriate and cost effective option due to the uncertain length of time that the property would be vulnerable.
One system has been installed with just 48 hours’ notice, that includes 10 PIRs, smoke detectors and threshold detectors providing cover to all entry points on the ground and 1st floor. The smart alarm is connected to a 24/7 monitoring centre that respond if the system is activated by either assigning a guard to visit the site or contacting the local authorities and police if required. The end result was that the property was fully secure for the full duration that it was empty.

Find out more about Ad Hoc’s Wireless Smart Alarms here

Ad Hoc analyses national housing crisis at CIH Housing event

CIH Housing Stand: C38


Ad Hoc Property Management will discuss the national housing crisis, currently an issue faced by millions in the UK, in the context of its innovative empty property occupation model at the upcoming 2017 CIH housing event later this June in Manchester.


With the rising cost of property, the number of first-time home buyers has dropped by 50 per cent since the 90s and millennials now need to borrow upwards of 40 times their salary just to be able to buy a home. Alongside this, there has become a worrying trend of increased proposals for housebuilding on the Green Belt, rising from 81,000 proposed houses in 2012 to 275,000 in 2016 to 360,000 in 2017. These figures are proof that the UK is in desperate need of, not more housing, but more affordable housing in areas that are not always on the Green Belt.


As Europe’s leading guardianship organisation, Ad Hoc Property Management has developed its own “Property Occupation Model” which aims to place individuals under a license agreement within empty properties where they can live at an affordable rate until they find a more permanent solution. With thousands of buildings sitting vacant across the UK, the model incorporates a wide range of properties that span from unoccupied flats and care homes to vacant schools and hospitals. It is ideal for all parties involved as it provides property owners with someone to maintain their property as well as acting as a security measure, whilst the guardians benefit from affordable living in a non-traditional space.


“Attending the CIH housing event and discussing the Property Occupation Model is a great opportunity for us to showcase a solution that can be highly beneficial to the national housing crisis,” said Jason Barnard, Area Manager for London and the South East at Ad Hoc Property Management. “Millions of people are feeling the effects of the crisis with homes in areas such as Manchester and the wider Lancashire region for example, reaching heights of £200,000. Our package enables people, unable to afford these homes, to have a place to live that is both price competitive and provides plenty of space.”


Alongside the Property Occupation Model, Ad Hoc will showcase its CYCLOPS smart camera system, a security solution designed to immediately detect unwanted visitors around a property’s premises, as part of a wider security portfolio. The system, which works on remote camera control, features video content analysis within up to eight areas and instant wireless image transfer which is accessible on-site or remotely.


Jason continues: “CYCLOPS, alongside our alarm systems and security guards, are an additional bespoke service we can provide property owners with to uphold the maintenance and security of vacant properties. Adding to our main package, our aim is to provide an all-encompassing empty property solution that meets our customers’ requirements.”


The CIH housing event is Europe’s largest housing event targeting key issues around the housing market. Over the course of three days, the event brings together 8,000 housing professionals including: housing associations, local authorities, housebuilders, funders, contractors and advisors. The CIH housing event runs between 27th and 29th June 2017 at Manchester Central.


For more information about Ad Hoc’s Property Occupation Model and security systems, please either visit stand C38 or contact 020 7354 5458 / click on www.adhocproperty.co.uk.


For more information about the CIH Housing event, please click here: https://cihhousing.com/.

how to secure an empty building

If you are looking at how to secure an empty building there are many options available; from boarding up the property to installing security guards.

secure empty building

However there is a better alternative, which is to use the property guardian model. This provides protection by occupation whilst also keeping the building in regular use, therfore keeping the fabric of the building in a better state.



Vacancies: Business Development Manager, Guardian Recruiter, Property/Maintenance Inspector, Telemarketers, Properties Manager, Lettings Branch Manager

Please have a look through our current vacancies. If you have any questions or would like to apply, please send your CV followed with a short covering letter to recruitment@adhoc.eu 

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager –  London
Business Development Manager –  Bristol / Cardiff
Business Development Manager –  B’ham
Business Development Manager –  Peterborough

Guardian Recruiter

Guardian Recruiter – London
Guardian Recruiter – B’ham

Telemarketers (National Sales Office – Bristol)

Telemarketers – Bristol

Regional Property Focus – April 2017


Birmingham- care home. From £220pcm, all bills included.

Various large rooms available in a spacious property in Rowley Regis. Boasting brilliant facilities and lots of space, this property is handy for those commuting into Birmingham city centre.

Birmingham. £225pcm, bills NOT included.

A spacious property just a few miles from Birmingham city centre, this mid-terrace house is double glazed throughout and boasts lots of parking.



Liverpool- care home. From £150pcm, all bills included.

A former vicarage with spacious rooms ranging in size, and great transport links to Liverpool City Centre. This is an impressive building in a prime location for young professionals.


London- estate. From £250pcm, all bills included.

Spacious flats available in Grahame Park Estate, Colindale. Just a short walk from Colindale underground tube station, these properties would be perfect for commuters, or someone starting a new job in the capital.


Middlesbrough- hostel. From £150pcm, all bills included.

A former hostel with double rooms available in self-contained flats, featuring kitchen space and large shower rooms. Situated in a pleasant residential area of West Middlesbrough and just ten minutes away from the town centre, this property is in a prime location.

Middlesbrough-vicarage. Just £200pcm, all bills included.

We have a room available in a former vicarage in Middlesbrough. This is a stunning large end-terrace house close to the town centre and just half a mile away from Teeside University.



Ipswich- care home. From £240pcm, all bills included.

A former care home with spacious en-suite rooms just a few miles from the city centre of Ipswich. This is a pretty period property featuring stunning views of the Suffolk countryside.


South West

Torquay- clinic. £200pcm, all bills included.

Large double rooms available in this picturesque former NHS clinic in Torquay. This property is just a stone’s throw away from the sea and a five-minute walk from the centre of Torquay.

Weston-super-Mare- sheltered housing complex. £275pcm, all bills included.

1-bedroom flat available in a former sheltered housing complex in Weston-super-Mare. In the complex are laundry facilities and stunning communal gardens. Just a ten-minute walk to the beach and the high street, this is the perfect location for professionals who enjoy their downtime.



Halifax- care home. From £180pcm including bills.

Multiple large, bright rooms, available in this former care home in a beautiful area of Halifax. There are bus links to the town centre close by, and great shopping and nightlife in the area.

Harrogate- former care home. £295pcm, all bills included.

Large rooms available in this former care home in Harrogate. This large building is in a great location, close to a range of shops and local amenities. This property would be ideal for medical professionals in the area, or those that need somewhere close to the town centre.