Who makes a good property guardian?

Do you know someone who would make a great Ad Hoc Property Guardian?

To be eligible to become a Guardian, you must be 18+ and employed (no benefits), with no live-in dependents or pets.

When you’re a property guardian, you are helping us and the owner of the property by keeping the property occupied. All Ad Hoc ask is that you keep our properties in good condition. That’s it and in return you live in a property that is cheaper than private renting, ideal if you’re looking to save for your first home, or just looking to save money.

If you are a current Ad Hoc Property Guardian, and you recommend someone to us and they become an Ad Hoc Guardian, then you’ll get £100 off your next monthly licence fee! Just make sure they provide us with your info too so we know who referred them! And make sure to use the reference code: AdHocFB


Spacious room to let

Looking to let a spacious room for an affordable price? You’ve come to the right place.

At Ad Hoc we can provide you with a spacious living space, unfurnished with the ability for you to personalise it and make it your own. For those of you who are creative and enjoy designing your living space, this allows you to express yourself and live in a space where you feel comfortable. Previous guardians have stayed in what used to be a school, allowing for generously sized bedrooms designed for classes of 30 pupils!

There is a wide range of different properties to choose from, in various locations across the UK and for various lengths of stay. Enjoy living comfortably and having space to cater for your needs, all for an affordable price including all the bills.

Image result for to let sign

Many of our guardians have found the spacious characteristics really useful, especially with those who have jobs that require extra space. It has allowed them to do what they want to do without being cramped in a small apartment, whilst paying much higher rental costs. Ad Hoc provides you with convenience and comfortable living, making your life a whole lot easier!


Ad Hoc means you are able to find yourself a spacious room to let in locations where that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. With house prices constantly getting more and more expensive, take advantage of this opportunity and find the place for you.

Empty property in London

London remains the most expensive city to live in within the UK, however we have a way to live there comfortably with reduced costs. Ad Hoc can provide you with an empty property in the hub of the UK, which you can personalise and tailor to suit your needs and make your chosen property feel like your home… with minimal costs.

Our team works by providing a service which aids property owners who require guardians and people like you in finding a place to stay. With a range of different styles of properties, we’re certain that one of our empty properties would interest you.

Our spaces are unique as they provide you with the space you need and the flexibility which you may desire.  Commuting to London can be very time consuming. We can provide you with a base, where you can easily commute from and make your life a whole lot easier!

Or perhaps you’re a post graduate, looking for a property in London but unable to afford the rent prices. Ad Hoc allows you to be in the place you want to be and do what you want to do, without any issues.

Ad Hoc allows you to outsmart others and stay in, what would be, unattainable properties with costs being a segment of average rental prices in the area. Lengths of stays are able to vary, some properties allow you to stay for shorter periods of time and others long periods of time, up to around 2 years. This variation means that you can be sure that you’ll find a suitable property for your personal desires.

So why not get started and find yourself an empty property in London by becoming a guardian.

Property guardians: an option of tenancy

The picture above shows the National and the Greater London average asking rent during Q1 in 2019. As you can see, renting costs are increasing, especially in Greater London where the annual change achieves +8.2 %. Higher cost of housing creates new options for living in U.K., especially in London; the most interesting solution is Live in Property Guardians.

A property guardian is a system in which someone lives in an empty property and pay a little sum of money, in order to protect the building and prevent people from entering it illegally.

The number of guardians isn’t so high, indeed, there are approximately 5,000 guardians in the UK but that number is rising, Property Guardian Providers Association found.

Who are the guardians?

The largest proportion of guardians (45%) are in their twenties, a 25% are in their thirties, the rest is older than the other ones. The largest part of these work in arts and creative industries (35%), follow Key-workers (30%) and 20 % are small professionals like medical, accountancy or legal professions.

What are the advantages of becoming guardians?

First of all, becoming a property guardian, you can save a lot of money because you have to protect the empty property. How much money will you spend every month? Over 60 % of the guardians pay less than £ 500 a month and only 5 % pay more than £ 900.

It’s true, if the owner of the empty property, that you are protecting, needs the building you have only one month to leave the property. Don’t worry about this because, first of all, Ad Hoc will find another perfect empty accommodation as soon as possible and, second, Statistics show that 89 % of guardians stay in the same property for six months or more, and 60 % for a year or more.

How can you become an Ad Hoc Guardian?

A Guardian must be employed, without dependents, without pets and, of course, ready to move at short notice. If you respect all these criteria What are you waiting for? Please, visit our website to the following link in order to have the list of all documents necessary to apply:


Belonging to the community of Property Guardians, you can gain all the advantages see before.

pop up shops work spaces: new opportunities

Have you ever watched, while you are walking in the centre of the city on Sunday afternoon, a building looks like the one on your left? They are called pop up shops and there are a lot of business men than are looking for work spaces to set up many pop up shops.

According with Shopify, a pop up shop is a short term, temporary retail space where brand, usually ones without a physical presence but also well-known ones, can interact in person with current customers and communicate their message to potential new ones.

Pop-up shops aim to create value in different ways:

  • Well-known brands. They often build pop-up shops in order to create a unique customer journey.
  • Online-only brands. They often build pop-up shops for exploring the world offline, without having financial risks.
  • Artists and small professionals. They need a flexible and short term property where shown their works so pop-up are useful.

Well, but how much is it organizing a pop up shop?

There are many factors that influence the costs but the mains are duration, location and size of the site. Popertee, a retail analytics firm, spent about € 30,000 for one month while Inkbox, an online temporary tattoo brand, paid about € 15,000 for two weeks pop up shop.

How Ad Hoc Proprieties can help you?

If you are an artist or a small professional and you don’t want to take too financial risk you could become a Commercial Guardian. Ad Hoc Proprieties helps you in looking for the best empty property to set up your pop up shop. You have to protect it but, mostly, you don’t have to pay any rent but, only, business rates and utilities.

In other hand, if you are an owner of vacant commercial property and you need a security system, what’s better a Commercial Guardian who protects your building and maintains its commercial worth?

As you can see, the world is changing and work spaces of pop up shops are an example. In this competitive environment, Ad Hoc proprieties drives you on the best way.

Shared flats or property Guardians?

The 20 % of households in the U.K. are privately rented but their cost is increasing more and more, the rent’s average is 943 £/month but in London reaches £ 1,640/month. Many people, especially post graduates, keyworkers or small professional, can’t afford the housing cost increasing so is being common living in shared flats or becoming guardians.

According with Cambridge Dictionary, flats sharing is an arrangement in which two or more people live in the same flat and share the cost. There are several kinds of arrangements that adapt to every need: typical flat share, lodging with a live-in landlord, Monday to Friday share or student share.

According with Cambridge Dictionary, a property guardian is a system in which someone lives in an empty property and pay a little sum of money, in order to protect the building and prevent people from entering it illegally. There are two main arrangements according to this security system:

  • Residential Guardians. They are people who live in a vacant property and they have to protect it from unauthorized That’s why they pay a cheaper rent than a traditional tenancy.
  • Commercial Guardians. They are business organizations that protect an empty property. Business activity serves as a deterrent to criminality, maintaining the commercial worth. They don’t have to pay any rental cost but they have to pay business rates and utilities.

Are you looking for a flexible option for your accommodation?

Why don’t consider join with property guardian security system. Ad Hoc properties helps you to become a residential or commercial guardian and, as you can see above, you can find a different solution than living in shared flats.

A possible solution for illegal waste dumping

See the picture above… Would you like to see your vacant propriety victim of illegal waste dumping? More than 1,000 illegal waste sites are built across England each year, probably there are many sites that haven’t been recorded.

A legal rubbish dump requires an environmental permit issue by the Environment Agency and it is subjected to strict environmental rules and high investment in safety environmental infrastructure. Unfortunately, not everyone respects the Government’s rules and, mostly, the environment.

The picture on your left was Mobuoy, near Derry in the Northern Ireland, the Europe’s largest illegal waste dump. In this site was contained more than 1 million tons of illegally deposited waste, more than Northern Ireland produces in a year.

How much is the cost for the society?

Every year, EU estimates from € 72 billion to € 90 billion each year covering tips tax evasion and cleaning costs. Moreover, there are other costs: the U.K.’s fire service spends £ 16 million every year putting out fires at waste sites.

Many criminal organizations join in this industry because it is highly profitable. The Government has been criticized for not having a proactive approach in identifying illegal waste sites.

Do you want that not effectiveness behavior of regulatory put you in a dangerous and expansive situation? You need something that it is always present in your property even when you aren’t able to be there.

Ad Hoc proprieties offers a solution to protect your vacant propriety from this risk. This security system for empty properties, based on 360 degrees smart camera towers, will avoid that your building will be victim of illegal waste dumping.

One more eye to contrast Fly-tipping

Have you never been stopped outside your property because someone fly-tipped, as you can see on your left? Well, you are lucky because you have never been victim of Fly-tipping.

…but what is it?

According with Keep Britain Tidy charity, Fly-tipping is defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a license to accept it’. They usually have big dimension indeed the types of the waste that are considered fly-tipping are ‘black bag’, ‘white good’ and industrial waste, such as tires and construction materials.

Fly tipping causes many issues to local councils: it is a source of pollution, an illegitimate waste business but, mostly, a potential hazard to the traffic. Doesn’t exist an accurate clearance cost database for all incidents caused by fly-tipping but the Government estimates that are double than the clearing cost of ‘significant/multi loads’. In 2018 the clearing cost of them was £12.2 million, up from £9.9 million in 2017.

May the rising of fly-tipping be caused from the amount councils charge for taking rubbish to the tip?

Local Government Association said there was “no evidence” to link fly-tipping to any particular trend. However, it’s curious to observe that six of the ten areas, that have the higher increasing from last year, do charge householders to take some types of rubbish to the tip, mainly building rubble or plaster.

The Government recommends reporting every tipper and, farther, there is a page on the Government’s website where you can signalize the crime. However, you know, that it could be very hard to report tippers because they fly-tip only when they’re sure that nobody sees them. So, how you can defence your property?

Ad Hoc Proprieties answers to this issue with Cyclops Smartcam Tower. It is a security system composed by some 360 degrees smart camera that can be installed wherever you want and protect your property from Fly-tipping.


Empty property in London: opportunity for everybody

The picture above is an example of the almost 278,000 empty property that are in the U.K., Admiral Insurance found. England has the highest number (217,000) and Wales has the highest proportion, 20 in every 1,000 properties. How does this look with empty property in London?

Unsurprisingly, the table of councils with the most long-term vacant home positions is London in the second place with 38 empty building in every 1,000, beyond the Shetland Islands. The Square Mile attracts many foreign property investors who often sit on properties rather than rent them out.

Have you got any vacant property requiring protection in London?

Ad Hoc Property helps you in several ways offering different security services to your empty building:

  • Residential Guardians. Ad Hoc Property recruits the right guardian for your property. The Guardian who lives in it protects it from unauthorised visitors, simply by keeping it occupied.
  • Commercial Guardians. They are business organisations that protect your building. Business activity serves as a deterrent to criminality, maintaining the commercial worth.
  • Security guards. They’re people who works in security industry. They can be used when squatters have just removed from the building or when Ad Hoc propriety carries out necessary health and safety assessments in order to understand if the property suitable for the guardian scheme.
  • Cyclops Smart Alarms. Ad Hoc property has several wireless alarms that can detect motion, a threshold breach, smoke and extreme temperatures. They can be installed in just one day and then your property will be monitored.
  • Cyclops Smartcam Towers. This security system is composed by some 360 degrees smart camera that can be programmed to move zones at set intervals to ensure the site is fully monitored 24/7.

Are you looking for a cheap and flexible accommodation in London or are you setting up your own business?

London attracts a lot of people for work and offers the highest wage in U.K. but it’s very sad spend a large part of your salary in housing costs, so you could consider to become a Guardian. Becoming a guardian, you can save a lot of money, you can live in place that normally you couldn’t afford and you can meet new people with a similar background.

London attracts, also, a lot of business men who want to raise money for their business. Ad Hoc property works with each commercial guardian to find the most suitable building for your business. There isn’t any rental cost but you have to pay business rates and utilities.

As you can see if you are interested in empty propriety in London for living or protection Ad Hoc Property answers to all your questions.


Empty building: a possible accommodation for keyworkers

Are you a keyworker and are you looking for a cheap accommodation in the centre of the city? There are several opportunities to find an accommodation for keyworkers. But first of all, who are they?

Keyworkers are employees who work in the public sector and provide a vital service in areas of health, education and community safety. In the other hand, Government considers keyworkers who need to be protected from the increasing cost of housing, especially in some areas of the U.K. If you belong to this category it can help you to buy your first home with a low cost loan or to rent with affordable price.

A survey by Halifax (2019) has reported that the average of nurse, teacher, police officer or firefighter can only afford to own a home in 8 % of town across Britain, down from 24% in 2014.

However, this program is available in London, in the South East and the East of England, where keyworker’s salaries are lower than the cost of living.

As you can see in the picture on your left, the areas involved in this program have the highest average house price to keyworker’s earning ratio in the U.K.

If you live in these areas and you work in the public sector, please visit the Government’s website to know if your job is included in one of the category listed by the Government.

Maybe you aren’t considered a keyworker by the Goverment…

If you aren’t considered a keyworker or you are not currently in a position to enter in this program it would be very tough living in the city centre, near your place of work. Do you know that around the city there are a lot of empty proprieties, as you can see on your right, that could be occupied, so why not become a property guardian?

Ad Hoc Properties can find accommodation for keyworkers, becoming a Property Guardian. The guardian has to occupy the building and have to protect it from any unauthorised access. That’s why a property guardian has many advantages, most of all large saving on accommodation costs. Moreover, you don’t have to travel from your town to the city centre anymore because you are near your place of work.